María DJ Rodríguez, Executive Director

 Mrs. Rodriguez was selected as the Executive Director in July 2016. Ms. Rodriguez started here career with the organization after a summer internship program in the front office 13 years ago, after participating in the Youth Financial Fitness (YFF), that selected high school students to teach them about financing and role of non-profits and opportunities for employment. She was awarded a Gates Scholarship to attend college. While attending college, she continued working at RCDR. Her interest in learning and passion for helping low income individuals shaped her to become an exemplary role model for young women. She has participated in post college education on financial management, accounting, proposal development and grant reporting. She has learned professional skills through various opportunities offered during her experience as the RCDR loan manager for five years.

Maria Giedra, Farm Outreach Specialist

 Ms. Giedra has worked with RCDR for 6 years and serves as the Farm Outreach Specialist. Her experience supercedes any education she would have learned in college. She has 25 years in business lending, title searches and loan closings. She is the prime contact for reaching out and connecting with Latino farmers/ranchers and connecting them to USDA programs and services. Ms. Giedra' s passion is to provide the technical support Latino farmers need  and coordinate educational workshops to enhance their farm sustainability.

 Hector M. Franco, Consultant Special Projects

 Mr. Franco has volunteered and provided consultant services for the organization since its inception, and was instrumental in obtaining its first funding in 1994.  Mr. Franco holds an MBA Degree and a a law degree were key to obtaining bank support for the organization. He currently provides technical support for clients who are seeking access to capital and provides the credit reviews, assessments and loan underwriting for internal loans. He also works closely with the USDA farm loan program to assist farmers to qualify for low interest loans for farm, equipment or for operations. He has many years of experience in the financial industry which is an asset to the Center in reaching as many clients as possible. 

Yolanda Caldera, Business Outreach Specialist

 Ms. Caldera has worked for RCDR for a year and serves as the Business Outreach Specialist. She brings over seven years in finance, lending and customer service. Her current role consists of providing one-on-one customer service in obtaining all required documents for loans, assisting in preparation of loan packages to the Loan Credit Committee. Ms. Caldera is very passionate and committed in helping microenterprises achieve their financial independence. She feels she picked the right job in a setting of many dedicated people wanting to help low income individuals.

Lorena Garcia, Intake Clerk/Customer Service Specialist

 Mrs. Garcia is the newest  addition at RCDR and was hired in April 2017. She brings over six years in leadership, case management and customer service. Her current role consists of providing friendly professional & prompt services in all aspects of customer & client services. Mrs. Garcia is very passionate and committed in helping customers that request technical assistance (TA).  She feels she picked the right job in a setting of many dedicated people wanting to help low income individuals.

Angela Anaya, Academia America

Intake Clerk/Customer Service Rep

Mrs. Anaya is the recent addition at RCDR and was hired in May 2017. She has over 20 years in general & case management and customer service. She is assigned to the new division of RCDR, "Academia America" and her consist of providing recruiting, screening, processing and managing new customers and immigration referrals to participate in citizenship education and other legal immigration services. She is dedicated and puts the needs of the clients first to provide the highest level of support. Mrs. Anaya's job is to ensure that participants are successfully enrolled into citizenship classes and guide them throughout the entire session and application process with USCIS until completion.