Initial contact by calling, in person, email or online to receive list of documents required

* Set up appointment once documents in hand

* All personal and/or business info are reviewed & business plan idea discussed at first meeting

* If feasible, loan package is prepared

* Once staff feels it is ready, package is presented to Loan Credit Committee for approval, denial or reconsideration  & recommendation

* Board of Directors approves for loan disbursement

All are required to follow the process for any type of business assistance


Information Needed for Appointment

____ 1. Completed loan application (attached)

____ 2. Valid Identification (needs to be current) 

____ 3. Social Security Card

____ 4. Resume/Work experience

____ 5. Complete IRS Income Tax return for the past three (3) years & all W-2’s (signed)

____ 6. Tax preparer contact information

        7. If employed, most recent check stub

____ 8. Authorization to obtain credit report


Existing Businesss Information (if applicable)

____ 1. Business License
____ 2. Year-to-Date Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet (see attached template)

____ 3. List of business equipment & approximate value

____ 4. Current contracts and/or leases

____ 5. Corporation Tax Return for the past three (3) years, if applicable

____ 6. Legal documents including Articles of Inc, if applicable

  •  All of the above information is needed to be able to assist you at the time of the appointment
  • Washington is a community property state; therefore, if you are married your spouse’s information will also be needed