“Food Safety Series Increased Knowledge”

Yakima, WA-The Center for Latino Farmers, a division of RCDR, hosted an informative educational series titled “Food Safety for Farmers & Consumers” which took place at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. This series targeted new and beginning farmers and farm workers transitioning to farm owners. The series and its success was made possible through a partnership grant from the WA State Dept. of Ag (WSDA).


The 20-hr series was held during the evening on June 25-28, 2018 to accommodate the schedules of specialty producers and/or farmworkers that also work full time at other orchards/farms. A total of 25 farmers and farmworkers attended the class of which 24 received a Certificate of Completion. Pre-post quizzes determined that the attendees had increased their knowledge by 76% on the various topics discussed. This high percentage was owed to the presenters’ expertise in the area and being able to inform the farmers of better food safety strategies, rules & regulations, and what it means to them.


The series came about after hearing farmers’ concerns on the regulations and requirements in the implementation of the national Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA/FDA) and other food safety rules and regulations. The topics of the workshops included experts from various agencies such as WSDA, USDA-FSA, NRCS, L & I, ag industry Simplot Co, Farm Auditor, WSCC, Farm Credit Service, Columbia Basin South Irrigation District, WA Farm Bureau, the knowledge of the presenters and availability of ongoing translations made it a comfortable environment for all attendees to engage in the discussion of topics.


The Center was very grateful to include a farming family which the children are in the FFA program, they all have worked in the family farm from a very young age. They all have a big desire to be the future farmers of America.

Bertín Arteaga, Agustín Arteaga, Juan Becerra, Daniel Flores, Kristen Fuentes, Jemeily Fuentes, Karen Fuentes, Maria Giedra (Staff) Roberto Fuentes Sr, Roberto Fuentes Jr, Alexis Fuentes, Luz Gómez, José J Gurrola, Gabriel Gurrola, Maria Gutiérrez, Jorge Mendoza, Diego Montes, José Moreno, Reynaldo Ortiz, José Quintero, Israel Rivera, Daniel Torres, Ingrid Villeda Santiago Zaragoza

A New Opportunity for Citizenship

    Yakima, WA- Center for Legal Immigration Services, a division of Rural Community Development Resources, will start citizenship education classes. The Center also provides immigration legal services at low or no cost for low income individuals. RCDR has been recognized and accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to provide legal immigration services.

    Academia America (AA) will provide citizenship education to legal permanent residents to facilitate in their obtaining of U.S. Citizenship, and also provide legal immigration services to facilitate the social and civic integration of the Latino immigrants in the Yakima Valley.

    If you are interested, please call to register at 509-895-7000.


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